photo credit: Sam Carbine

2019 was an intense year all around. The intention I set at the beginning of the year was to move forward. I had felt stuck and stagnant in many areas of my life, and I just wanted to move on, move forward, and keep moving somewhere, anywhere better. And 2019 did not let me down.

I healed in many ways, old wounds that had been haunting me for several years, heartache I should have been long-over. I unapologetically set healthy boundaries in several areas and relationships — it was not easy but has been very rewarding. I had challenged myself to improve and learn at my job, and I made great advances in my career.

Ultimately, 2019 was a year of major healing, growth, and empowerment that extended much further than I thought it could.

Now backed by the confidences that 2019 has armed me with, I hope to continue that growth and forward trajectory. There are still some big changes I want and need to make in my life — that I owe to myself.

Taking a deep look inward, I realize somewhere along my road I took a wrong turn, out of fear. I took the safe route. And the further down this road I go, the louder the signs to change direction become.

With all of the emotional barriers out of the way, I am ready to face this fear, this next great challenge. Entering this new year and decade, my intention for 2020 is to no longer allow fear to hold me back.

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