New Year, New Perspective

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The new year is here, and I couldn’t be more ready.

2018 was full of a lot of things: new apartment, new position at work, travel to new places, new friends. Same old habits, same old disappointments, same old fears. Growth in a few areas, stagnancy in some areas, even regression in others. Boundaries, set and broken. Forgiveness and pain. Love and heartbreak. Settling down. Settling.

Last year I let my insecurities continue to hold me back in many ways. I lost focus of what’s important to me, did not take care of myself as well as I deserve, and I stopped pushing myself once I reached the edges of my comfort zone. Last year was by no means a bad year; in fact, it was a far better year than the few before. It just left a lot of room for growth, self-improvement, progress, and moving forward this year. That’s what I’m committed to focusing on in 2019.

Commitments for 2019:
  • Positivity — no matter what
  • Challenging my insecurities (overcoming the ones that have no basis, and addressing the root of the ones that do)
  • Pushing my limits, and stepping out of my comfort zone
  • Embracing life as it comes, and being more open-minded and open-hearted
  • Trusting my own intuition, and listening to it (even when I wish it was wrong)
  • Accepting what I cannot change or control (and learning to recognize it sooner)
  • Moving on from what has hurt me and held me back in the past
  • Letting go of anything that is unhealthy (including relationships, habits, and thoughts)
Goals for 2019:
  • Travel at least once a month.
    • Even if it’s not very far away, I want to see new places.
    • My first trip of 2019 has already been booked! Can’t wait to visit NYC this weekend to watch my best friend from high school star as Simba in The Lion King on Broadway — and celebrate his birthday!
  • Read at least twelve books.
  • More walks with my dog, Jameson.
    • We spend a lot of time together (since I’m a homebody) but he does spend a lot of time cooped up in our apartment. He LOVES walks and I haven’t been taking him on nearly as many as he deserves.
  • Eat cleaner and drink less alcohol.
    • While I won’t totally write off the occasional glass of wine or (my favorite) dirty martini, to be honest I don’t even much enjoy drinking anymore. Also, my diet has been slack these past few months, during the holidays and what I called my “hair extensions diet” (a lot of ramen and $3 Kroger frozen pizza to afford extensions). I feel gross and look forward to feeling good about my body and health again.
  • Exercise at least six days per week.
    • Barry’s Bootcamp is my jam — anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed. I also love hot yoga. Combining the two not only makes me feel amazing (physically, mentally, and emotionally); it will also hopefully help prevent some of the injuries I endured last year.
    • You better believe I was at Barry’s today 🙂
  • Finish my personal training certification.
    • Exercise is one of my biggest passions, so I started this last year but lost focus of it. I’m not sure I’ll ever plan to train others — I never taught yoga after completing that certification. The main goal is to learn to exercise more safely and effectively.
    • My exam is scheduled in March!
  • Continue my 500-hour yoga teacher certification.
    • In 2018, I completed my first module toward the 500-hour level. This year I want to make more progress toward completing it, to continue to deepen my practice.
  • Improve my career.
    • This doesn’t necessarily mean position advancement, but it does mean striving to learn more, make less mistakes, become even more reliable, and prove that when the opportunity arises I can take on more responsibility and challenges.
What are your resolutions, commitments, and goals for 2019?

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