In the 4 years since I last published a post on this (almost-abandoned) blog, I have gone through several major life-changing events, and had my share of ups and downs (mostly downs, it seemed at times). But one consistency along this ever-evolving journey has been the steadfast pursuit of living my best life possible, and being the best version of me I can be. Many times I have failed, but I learn, keep moving forward, and over time have grown immensely in the process. Lately, I seem to have struck a near-nirvanic balance and could not be more grateful for everything that has led me to this point.

A lot of people have noticed these positive changes and their effects in my life lately, and many have asked about my “secret.” As fate would have it, I’ve been drawn back to this blog, by my reawakened passion for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and the renewed inspiration to share the lessons, tools, habits, research, tips, workouts, recipes, products, etcetera that I’ve picked up along the way, and am sure to continue to learn!

While everyone is different and may not experience the same effects from the same or similar lifestyle choices, my intent is to shine light on what works for me, with the hope that it may help you to find what works for you, and maybe bring some new information and inspiration that helps you live your best life and become your best version of you!

As always, I love connecting with each of you! If you want me to write, share, post, research — whatever — about something I haven’t yet, comment, slide into my DMs, insta, tweet, email me — you get the idea — hit me up!




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    1. Thanks! I’ve been loosely following the Paleo guidelines — but my biggest thing is balance .. eating MOSTLY clean, but almost anything in moderation can be okay at times! You can find more details on the guidelines I like to follow in the “My Lifestyle” page!

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