5 Reasons to Practice Hot Yoga

2012679043Hot yoga has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, and with all of the benefits it brings, it’s no wonder why! If you’ve not yet jumped the bandwagon, here are five reasons you should give it a try!

1. Heat increases flexibility.
Everyone has already tried the excuse “I’m not flexible enough for yoga”. But that’s the point! People come to yoga to increase their flexibility, in addition to their strength and balance. Imagine if you practiced yoga in a sauna. Your blood flow automatically increases from the heat, easing your ability to flow from pose to pose, and the heat from the room warms your muscles, allowing them to relax and become more flexible. That’s what hot yoga is like! (Just not quite as hot and humid.) So your excuse for not practicing yoga is precisely the reason you should give it a try!

2. Sweating means detoxification.
It make sense that flushing fluids from our system detoxifies our bodies. So when you’re sitting in a pool of your own sweat at the end of a hot yoga class, you can rest assured that you have just done your body a huge favor by ridding it of incredible amounts of toxins. Plus, our bodies burn fat more effectively in heat!

3. You’re too exhausted to be stressed out.
Practicing hot yoga is no easy feat. By the end of the class, you feel like you just got your butt kicked…and it feels amazing! After an entire class of pushing your physical limits, being forced out of your comfort zone, flowing through cardio-pumping poses, and at times begging for mercy, when you finally lay down in your final savasana, the only thing you can manage to think about is how thankful your are that it’s over! Okay, so it’s not that bad…the point is that the mental effects are just as strong and beneficial as the physical ones.

4. There are undeniable health benefits.
Besides “inner peace”, “mental calmness”, and, of course, the cute butt you’re eventually going to develop as a result of practicing hot yoga, there are so many awesome effects involved. Hot yoga has been known to combat insomnia; increase focus, energy, and libido; lower anxiety; fight depression; slow the aging process; and boost your confidence! Who doesn’t want to experience all of that?

5. It’s impressive!
Whether all or none of your friends have tried hot yoga, it’s no secret that it takes a superstar to do it! One of the best parts about hot yoga is that it is designed for all levels. There are so many different modifications and extensions of poses that people of all experience levels can practice. Keeping that in mind, there’s no need to be afraid of trying it! If you’ve never practiced before, you’ll be surprised what you’re capable of, and the fact that you’re brave enough to try it is impressive! And once you’ve been practicing for years, people are impressed by the beauty and dedication of your practice!

While there are many benefits and great effects that come from practicing hot yoga, it’s important to always listen to your body. If you can’t sit in a 102-degree room at 60% percent humidity for 90 minutes, then try working your way up to it. Most studios offer warm or beginner classes designed to ease newcomers into their practice. ALWAYS hydrate very well before and after practicing, and take breaks whenever you need to. Everyone’s practice is different, so see where yours will take you!

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